Earthsafe High quality Fuel Polishing systems, Remote Fuel Fill Boxes for Diesel or DEF. They also have Simplex and Duplex Pumps & Motors for fuel, DEF, and coolant. They can integrate you fuel system equipment and systems with most Building Management Systems and networks in addition to DEF components into your SCR systems. They can help design and supply a complete system of DEF Urea Tanks, Remote Fill Systems, Controls, Pumps and Motors, and provide full systems integration for your Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) pollution control systems.

Filnor Neutral Grounding Resistors with fast lead times. Resistors and enclosures are built in house. Look to us for High Resistance Grounding and Neutral Grounding Reactors plus Lightning and Surge Arrestor cabinets.

Pryco Day Tanks, and Thin Fuel Tanks built to UL142. Remote Fill Stations. Custom built Battery Boxes & Racks. Compact inexpensive Fuel Polishers, fuel separators, hand pumps, diesel fuel pumps packages, solenoid valves, alarms, and accessories.

BPS Unit Mounted Genset Control Panels using DeepSea controllers in a powder coated metal enclosure. In stock with CTís, senders, harnesses. Two sizes of standard enclosures. Custom designs available. Pump and Engine Control panels also available in a variety of enclosures.






General Platinum Load Banks offer a wide variety of Radiator, Duct/Roof/Hood Mounted Stationary, or Portable Load Banks in addition to and Trailerized versions at Great Prices! Quick 1-2 week for submittals and typically Ship in 8-12 weeks ARO. Standard 2-year warranty.

SMS Silencers Large Selection of Cylindrical, Hockey Puck, Oval, Rectangular, and Compact Silencers Multi Inlet and Outlet Silencers in all configurations. Spark Arrestors & Thermal Wraps available for all Silencer models. Rain Caps, Rain Guards, roof or wall Thimbles, and Roof Jacks keep the harsh rain, hail, snow and pests from entering your exhaust system.  High temperature Thermal Blankets.

Custom designed Silencers for any application and can build to replace existing silencers with same dimensions.

Custom Controls: Quick Connection Tap Boxes, or Docking Station and Storm Switches for portable generators or Load Banks. Designed to meet ANSI wire bend radius requirements. Cam-Lokís, breakers, Kirk Key, Manual Transfer Switches. Custom Controls build new complex Switchgear and Control Panels. They also rebuild switchgear and controls built by others.

Qualmega Great Pricing, long lasting, and high cycling Nickel Cadmium (NICD) batteries which excel at Engine Starting and Nickel Iron batteries that offer superior performance in Solar Systems.

US Energy Corp. offers a full line of Explosion Proof Engine Starters.  They also have AC engine starters.

MeccAlte They are one of the largest generator manufacturers in the world.  Generators up to 5 MW. They also have PTO Generators, Light Tower generators, & engine driven Welders in a wide assortment of sizes.  Great product, quick delivery, 2-year warranty, well priced.


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