SMS Silencers, Inc. was established in 1992 and has its headquarters located in Ontario, Canada making it the closest silencer supplier to Northeastern USA customers. In addition to their huge assortment of standard product offerings they are a custom fabricator of Diesel, Natural Gas, Propane, and Dual Fuel Engine Exhaust Noise Reduction Systems.


Whatever your application, they have the silencer and related components to meet your specifications.


They are truly a "hidden gem in the world of exhaust system engineering and integration".


SMS is a leader in the design of high performance exhaust attenuation systems. They offer the most complete selection of reactive and absorptive Engine, Turbine, Power Generation, Fracking, Oil & Gas, Marine, Locomotive, Compressor, and Vent silencers plus a full array of accessories and options.


Their accessories range from Flex Connects, Bellows, Expansion Joints, Wye Connectors, Interlocking or Corrugated Flex Hose, Thimbles, Clamps, Spark Arrestors, Elbows, Tubing, Tube Fittings, Mounting Brackets, Rain Caps, Rain Guards, Rain Bonnets, Roof Jacks, Brackets, Nuts and Bolts, Gaskets, Cones, Couplers, Adapters, Exhaust Stacks, Outlet Extensions, Access Ports, Drain Cocks, Spark Arrestors, and Reusable Thermal Blankets.

Engineered Noise and Emissions...........Buying a silencer from Amstech is truly a SOUND decision!.......SMS Silencers also specializes in custom silencers and accessories to suit your wildest requirements!............You will have Confidence in our Creativity, Practical Ideas, Innovation, and Proper Design Quantification!


Amstech has excelled in the design, application, and marketing of silencers and exhaust accessories since 1990.


Amstech Power Products saw a initial need for compact sound attenuated exhaust silencers uniquely designed for generator enclosures and tight space like found in buildings located in cities long before anyone else had a resolution. Amstech conceptualized these designs and was behind the creation of the first Hockey Puck/Disk Silencers and then the first Oval/Racetrack Silencers and subsequently sold the first units ever produced!

Featuring: Great Quality, Variety, Availability, and Price!

Cylindrical Silencer Hockey Puck Silencer Rectangular Silencer

Hockey Puck or Disk Silencer Rectangular Silencer Oval or Race Track Silencer

Proper packing of Silencers

Enclosure Roof Silencers

Outlet extension, Bellows, Mounting Bracket.....All the Tubing Accessories to complete your project!

Flex Connector and Hardware


Spark Arrestor Silencer

Cylindrical Silencer on Enclosure

Cylindrical Silencer on Enclosure

Silencers with Stacks and Mounts

What makes SMS stand out from the crowd is that their products deliver exceptional performance which exceed many customers' expectations and will meet or exceed their published attenuation ratings, shipped on schedule, at a good price.

They have a unique passion, dedication, and expertise to satisfy their clients wishes and offer ALL the accessories needed to build out your system at a reasonable price with a quick turnaround time. They have phenomenal technical support and an extensive in-house production capabilities that can create a hybrid silencer and associated accessories to meet your wildest requirements! Others only dream about their ability to mix standard product offerings and new innovations for a definitive solution.

Advanced Exhaust Noise Containment Devices

Give us the most challenging projects you can imagine, then sit back and be awed by thecreativity and practical application of our in-depth knowledge and years of experience.

The nearest full service silencer manufacturer to the Northeast!

Save on Freight and shipping time.

Compact Style Silencer

Dual Inlet-Single Out Silencer

End In -End Out Silencer

Flex & Bellows modules

Wye Assembly

Flex Assembly with Flared Flange

Stainless Steel Silencer

Side Inlet - End Outlet Silencer

Amstech supplied Silencer, Verizon Building, Ground Zero, NYC

Bellows assemblies used in spaces too tight for a Flex.

Products evolved through innovation and advancement, not just blind cost reduction.

A full line catalog of Exhaust Tubing Accessories and Components...

Tube, Elbows, Connectors, Fittings, Couplers, Clamps, Reducers/Expanders, Cones, Flanges, & Outlet Extensions.

SMS is an internationally renowned leader in the production and design of exhaust systems and accessories for diesel, propane, natural gas, and dual fuel engines. SMS has been in business since 1992 and manufactures State-of-the-Art exhaust systems with domestic and international manufacturing capabilities.

They offer the most complete selection of silencer designs, which include the standard selection of reactive, turbo, absorptive, vent, and spark arrestor silencers. They also manufacture unique space saving, multi-inlet and outlet, and internally insulated models.

SMS can reduce your costs by supplying all the components, backpressure analysis, sound attenuation data, graphs, and detailed Auto-Cad or 3 D drawings.

Silencer designs are fully tested on all standard frequency bands and modeled in 3D software…......A full and comprehensive line of accessories is now available so you can provide your customer with a complete system…......A catalog chock-full of Tubing Accessories and Components...Tube, Elbows, Connectors, Fittings, Couplers, Clamps, Reducers/Expanders, Cones, Flanges, Outlet Extensions, Bellows, Flex, Wyes Connectors, Flex Hose, Interlocking Hose, Drain Cocks, Drain Ports, Expansion Joints, Roof Jacks, Rain Guards, Rain Bonnets, Pipe Hangers, Nut-Bolt & Gasket Kits........We have great ideas in addition to standard and unique products you can implement fairly easily that will have a positive impact on your bottom line.

SMS Silencers are found world wide and they provide their clients with optimal performance in controlling exhaust noise. Typical applications are on some of the largest stand-by, co-generation, prime power projects in addition to marine, pumps, construction equipment, compressors, locomotives, and emission reduction systems.

Standard silencer models are available in Carbon Steel, Aluminized Steel, and Stainless Steel. Custom configurations, Reverse flow, and Dual Inlet models are no problem and quoted on request. Inlet and Outlet connections options include Slip Fit, Flanges, Straight Tube, and Male or Female NPT’s. A variety of silencer are available with internal insulation in the shells to lower the exterior body temperature significantly. Exterior thermal Blankets are available as an option with Spring, Velcro, or Hook and Hog Ring type closures, and quoted on request as are welded on mounting brackets.


SMS Silencers offers the greatest variety of accessories which range from Reusable Thermal Blankets of 1-4 inch thickness, Flex and Tubing Connectors, Clamps, Spark Arrestors, Elbows, Brackets, Rain Guards, Rain Caps and Rain Bonnets. We also specialize in custom silencers and accessories to suit your wildest and most complex requirements!

Standard models are available in: Carbon Steel, Aluminized Steel, and 304, 409, 316, or 321 Stainless Steel.

Standard Sizes: From 1 ½” to 40” Inlets.

Inlet and Outlet connections options include: Slip Fit (slotted I.D. Cuff), Flanges: (125/150#ANSI or ASA, Caterpillar, Cummins, MTU/Detroit Diesel, Mitsubishi, Volvo, John Deere), Floating Flanges, Flared Flanges, Treaded Flanges, Reducing Flanges, Custom Flanges, Straight Tube, Straight Pipe, and Male or Female NPT’s.

  • Accessories for complete exhaust systems.

  • 1” to 4” Thick Thermal Blankets to fit SMS, and competitor’s silencers and components.
  • Stainless steel or Aluminized steel is available for special installation and operating requirements.
  • Sizing program is available free to ensure the correct size of silencer.
  • Acoustical and Mechanical engineers with exotic programs for application assistance.
  • AutoCad and Solidworks drawings e-mailed rapidly on request.
  • Offering a quality product at a competitive price to meet all your exhaust needs.
Thimbles are available in Carbon Steel with a grey primer or quoted in 304 or 316 Stainless Steel. They are packed with an internal thermal insulation, and conform to NFPA 37 & 110. Thimbles are designed to extend 9” into, and 9” outside the building. “A” models are for combustible walls. “B” models are for roofs, and non-combustible walls.

Several Grades are available:

  • Industrial (Commercial) Grade Silencers (Typical Attenuation of 15 - 20 dBa)
  • Residential Grade Silencers (Typical Attenuation of 20 - 25 dBa)
  • Critical Grade Silencers (Typical Attenuation of 25 - 30 dBa)
  • Super Critical Grade Silencers (Typical Attenuation of 30 - 35 dBa)
  • Hospital Grade Silencers (Typical Attenuation of 35 - 40 dBa)
  • Hospital Plus Grade Silencers (Typical Attenuation of 40 - 50 dBa)
  • Hospital Extreme Grade Silencers (Typical Attenuation of 50 - 60 dBa)
  • Spark Arrestors (Typical Attenuation of 3 - 5 dBa)
  • A variety of special application individual or silencers pared in series or tandem configurations.

"Producing Engineered Attenuation and Noise Terminators"

SMS will provide silencers to meet EGSA 201S-2014 attenuation specification.

Silencer advanced designs provide high sound attenuation and the benefit of providing optimum sound attenuation in the smallest package.

  • A variety of compact, low profile, and space saving silencers are available with or without internal insulation or spark arrestors: These silencers are designed for tight spaces like power modules, drop-over enclosures, marine engine rooms and other space-limited applications. The balanced combination of resonator chambers, diffusers and acoustical/thermal insulation help to achieve targeted sound pressure objectives.
  • Optional: 1 inch or 2 inches of internal insulation which is selected for thermal and acoustical performance.
  • Single, dual or triple inlets and outlets are available.
  • Upper or lower welded on integral mounting brackets for quick and secure mounting.
  • Custom Built, Special Silencer Systems

The Hockey Puck (Pancake or Disk) style of silencers provides you with the optimum noise reduction, and a reduced Genset package. We eliminate the bulk associated with standard reactive silencers. Now available in 3 distinctive styles depending on your internal insulation requirements.

The Oval and or Rectangular shaped (Race-Track) and Hockey Puck series (Pancake or Disk ) style of silencers have a unique construction, which can include 1” or 2 of thermal acoustical insulation in the shell and significantly lower the exterior body temperature. A reduction of the shell temperature enhances SAFETY to personnel, reduces the ambient air drawn into Radiator, and lessens the wear on electronics exposed to the extreme temperatures around the engine. These silencers excel in Generator set & Pump enclosures, small rooms, Marine, and Industrial applications were size and temperature is a major concern.

The unique construction of some Cylindrical silencers includes thermal acoustical insulation in the shell which will provide 300°F to 500°F reduction in the skin temperature. These excels in Marine, Industrial, and Generator set enclosure application.

The Compact series is used when size matters! The Compact design typically performs considerable better than spiral silencers of a similar size as it utilizes both reactive and absorptive technology to attack both high and low frequency noise.

An oustanding solution to your Large Noise and Small Space Problems........Not just a Muffler, but high performance, well built, proven Silencers employing unique and comnpact internal & external designs...........Buying a silencer from Amstech is truly a SOUND decision!......No embellished sound data on literature...........SMS also specializes in custom silencers and accessories to suit your wildest requirements!

Typically 1/3 the size of a standard Cylindrical silencer.


Can be internally insulated plus Super Critical, Hospital, and Extreme Grades are available.


Their silencers provide significantly better acoustically than many competitors cylindrical reactive and hockey puck designs. They can customize silencers to meet your unique requirements like having lower backpressure, have reduced surface temperature, and can be physically smaller in size.

SMS silencer designs are more efficient at reducing noise and were thoroughly tested on a variety of engines and the data was confirmed on all of the eight industry standard frequencies! They have the ability to combine reactive and absorptive silencer designs into one unique high performance cost-effective package.

Technical advantages...

  • SMS Hockey-Puck (Disk) silencers have a lower and more uniform body surface temperature than some competitors models providing a safer work environment, not damaging enclosure insulation, and less heat emanating from the silencer working its way through the radiator and air intake.

  • Quality material and workmanship with welds and products designed to last.

  • Smaller and lighter package, saving in physical space and shipping.

  • Less noise and lower complaints.

  • Variety of Inlet and Outlet locations including on the same side.

  • Isolated Exhaust Acoustical Testing.

  • Available Options: Inspection Ports, Saddles, Mounting Brackets, Drain Valves, Test Ports, explosion relief vents.

  • Testing and Reports Available Option: Silencers can be pressure tested to insure no leaks. Customized tests.

  • Lower backpressure resulting in lower wear on engine components and greater fuel efficiency.

  • Flexible designs and sizing to meet all customer requirements.

  • In-house engineers for technical assistance.
  • Inventory for immediate shipment on many accessory items.
  • Quality Control Program.
  • Over 20 Years of proven performance.
  • Competitively priced.
  • Great lead time.
  • Complete line of exhaust accessories with many built in house.

Replacing a failed or rusted competitors silencer...

Give us the model number and we can build a drop in replacement to make your field work a real pleasure!


SMS continually provides its customers with...


  • Quality: Quality is foremost at SMS Silencers, and all of their employees are dedicated to maintain the highest standards of quality earned and demanded by our Customers. Their welders are trained to Canadian Welding Bureau which incorporates CSA standards, and their Quality Assurance Program. They are proud of their qualifications and take adherence to internal and customer specified guidelines extremely seriously. A professional organization with a variety of certifications and compliances. The quality team continuously strives to improve procedures and practices to best serve our customer base.

  • Engineering & Design: They utilize a combination of advanced commercial and proprietary software and tools which have been developed and refined in collaboration with internal staff, industry experts, and consultants. These tools are used to provide our customers with the best solutions and products to meet their current and future requirements.

  • Versatility: They are continually expanding their line of standard products and monitoring industry trends. In addition, SMS has the engineering and production capabilities to design and fabricate special systems to meet your particular needs and requirements with in house acoustical and emission professionals with regulatory experience. Their advanced facilities are equipped to handle material of all shapes and sizes.

  • Satisfaction: A true service oriented supplier! Customer satisfaction is their number one goal. They achieve this by applying quality design, engineering, and workmanship with an elaborate quality control program meeting Canadian Welding Bureau requirements. Versatility to fabricate systems to meet the end users defined requirements, and the ability to provide all of this thoroughly and quickly. All orders are handled in compliance with US and Canadian standard government regulations.

  • Production employees: The manufacturing team under goes extensive training either by their internal quality control department and/or external certification agencies. All silencers are inspected prior to shipping for physical and aesthetic defects. All internal components are welded for structural and acoustical integrity.

  • Support: A variety of experts are available to assist in your system design. An extensive engineering and technical departments are capable of in-depth acoustical, mechanical, thermal, regulatory, and emissions analysis plus system design, fabrication and field installation. They have a wide range of real field and application experience with products installed on internationally. We can bring the solution to you with field engineering support and installation available and quoted upon request.

  • Research & Development: All new designs are engine tested under a variety of load conditions with the isolated raw exhaust noise using the industry standard frequencies to insure they perform in a real time environment. These accepted octave bands are 31.5, 63, 125, 250, 500, 1000, 2000, 4000, and 8000 dBa. Silencers are tested for thermal transfer and painted finishes are tested for adherence and appearance.

  • Reliability: No embellished sound data on literature. They offer credible proven acoustical and emissions performance.

SILENCER NOTES: If specific sound attenuation is required on any project, SMS Silencers engineers are happy to provide a written guarantee. Many variables can influence the calculated attenuation results that are NOT factored into most software programs and should be looked at during the engineering analysis. Some of these variables include: variations between engines and testing conditions, ground elevation and atmosphere conditions, exhaust attachment configuration, ambient or background noise, environmental landscape, excessive velocity, mechanical noise, multiple engines. Ambient noise levels are typically around 65dB, Treated noise levels below that are not practical.



For most applications, it is recommended that the silencer be mounted with at least a 3" clearance between the ceiling and walls. Excessive and/or standard temperatures, which emanate from the exhaust system components may damage or destroy nearby flammable materials, which may warrant additional clearance or protection. Caution should also be taken around wiring & sprinkler systems.


Silencers are heavy and typically should not be connect directly to the engine exhaust outlet or turbo. Flex, Wye, or Bellows Connectors allow for thermal expansion and isolates vibration between the engine and exhaust system. Silencers should be securely mount using brackets or hangers designed to safely support their weight. All exhaust piping into and out of the silencer must be allowed to freely expand and not be allowed to put stress on the Silencer or it’s flanges.


Wall or roof thimbles conforming to NFPA must be used for any exhaust piping that passes through any combustible wall or roof.

Most silencers are supplied with a drain port, and the customer is encouraged to use a rain cap or rain bonnet on the outlet to prevent rain from entering the silencer. Exhaust piping should project upwards for best sound reduction and the use of a rain cap or rain bonnet is recommended to keep moisture out of the silencer and engine.


The standard Painted finish is high heat black paint. Powder coating and a variety of corrosion resistant finishes are available and quoted upon request. All dimensions are inches.

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