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GENERATORS 5KW - 3MW, 120V- 480V, 4160V & 13,800V, 2 and 4 pole; PTO Generators, 400 Hz Generators

Synchronous generators with ratings of 480 volts and below are in stock at their new Chicago area warehouse, as is a large inventory of accessories, and spare parts. They have products, which are tested and approved by ABS, CE, CSA, Lloyd’s, and DNV in addition to being ISO 90001 certified. Mecc Alte is the third largest manufacturer of generators in the world with four plants in Italy, and additional factories in England, China, and India. They have a reputation for producing a high quality product, which is derived from good engineering, production planning, material selection, and pride in manufacturing.


Welding Generators 1800 & 3600RPM Engine Driven Welders, 2 Pole AC or 2 and 4 Pole DC, 7 - 18 KW, 21 - 40 Weld Volts

These units are well built and designed for long life with auto thermal protection, IP21 and IP23 enclosures.


Radiator Mounted, Duct/Hood/Scoop Mounted, Stationary, Portable, Trailerized, and Containerized Load Banks

They offer a full range of standard and customized load banks in AC or DC.

Nickel Cadmium (NICD) Batteries, Nickel Iron (NIFE) Batteries, Lithium-Ion Batteries & Systems
They offer a full range of Ultra High, High, Medium, and Low rate NICD batteries. They also have a full range of racks, enclosures, chargers, and accessories.

Engine, Pump, and Genset CONTROL PANELS
They assemble and designs inexpensive highly reliable digital and analog engine control panels with many options and features. They are user friendly and have clean and easily read schematics.
BPS has developed some advanced packed engine, generator and pump solutions utilizing Deep Sea controllers. They are also a Deep Sea Electronics Distributor and can supply any of your replacement or new equipment components at a great price.

ACS & GHT Radiators
RADIATORS & Surge Tanks
These companies build and design completely brand new cooling systems and also have a wide range of OEM replacement parts in various applications. Configurations available include: Engine mounted or Remote: Horizontal, Vertical, Belt or Electric Motor Driven, with or without Fan, Charge-Air and Liquid-to-Air Coolers & After-coolers, Split Core Designs, Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers.

Ameridex Plate Exchangers

They offer a full range of Plate and Frame and Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers for cogeneration, marine, and other industrial applications in a wide variety of styles and metal compositions.

Complete high-tech custom metal fabrication and painting facility. They have a modern 60,000 Square Foot facility and have been in business since 1956.

Mecc Alte STOCKS Generators up to 500KW for immediate shipment......They have auxillary windings to support 300% short circuit for 10 seconds and are Self-Exciting & Self-Regulating......Come to us for your 2 Pole, 4 Pole, and PTO generators......Filnor manufactures a large selection of Disconnect and Knife Switches.

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