General Platinum Load Banks LLC has 20 years experience at designing load banks. Their products encompass a variety of Radiator Mounted stationary and portable Load Banks using high quality resistors and components. They have a convenient manufacturing location in Pittsburgh, PA.

First, they started with large load banks to test 3,000 HP (2,250 KW) locomotives. Later, they developed load banks for the diesel generator market.

Great Pricing on a superior and reliable product...

Variety of High Quality Resistor Designs Completely Assembled, Pre-wired, and Tested
Enclosures designed to reduce heat issues Quick Quality Drawings and Submittals
Great Lead Times & flexibility Willingness to Customize a product
Optional features to meet your needs AC single, three phase or both + DC configurations

Offering Standard and Customized Load Banks to meet your specific application:

Load Banks provide a self contained electrical load for testing purposes and prevent undesirable reliability conditions in back-up generating systems. Diesels typically perform best when run at 70-80% of rated KW capacity.  Load banks are used to reduce a condition called “wet-stacking” in which unburned fuel builds up within the engine exhaust, carbonize causing fuel injection issues, and other engine related fouling which occurs when the engine is run at no or very low loads. It is also used to comply with mission-critical facility codes such as NFPA 70 & 110 plus the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations (JCAHO) for testing power systems.  For 100% load a stationary (permanently installed) self contained load bank is required rather than a radiator mounted design for routine exercising or testing of the generator.

A wide range of air-cooled sizes is available in single or three phase designs. Steps can be configured as required. Automatic load dump is a strongly recommended safety option and typically gets a signal from the transfer switch when a utility failure occurs and it transfers the building load to the generator it will turn off the load bank.


With multiple resistor element types at General Platinum Load Banks disposal, a reliable and efficient product tailored to your needs is always available. The unique ability to design and supply to your specifications is our advantage; a quality product delivered in a timely manner at a reasonable price.


The enclosure structure is available in aluminum, aluminized steel, galvanized steel, or stainless steel. A heavy-duty skeleton frame holds panels and equipment in place.

Radiator & Duct Mounted Load Banks: Using the engine’s radiator air flow for cooling the resistor elements, these load banks are suitable for use on stationary and portable generator sets. Dimensions are matched to your core making this a cost effective solution for periodic testing and minimizing “wet stacking”.

A radiator mounted load bank is specifically designed to mount in front of the radiator on diesel generator set that has an engine mounted radiator via a duct flange or direct mount. This custom size eliminates the time and cost of field modification. The fan attached to the engine of the genset should provide suitable airflow through the direct mounted radiator to cool the resistive elements. This is a more simplistic and economical solution since it requires no additional motorized cooling fans and associated components. It takes up of less space, is easier to install, emits less heat, has reduced air flow, quieter, and more cost effective.

Radiator Mount Load Banks can typically only be rated for a maximum of 50% of generated KW though some people say it can be rated up to 70%. The maximum restriction of cooling air (air intake to discharge side) on most the engine mounted radiators is on average 0.48”-0.50” H2O static pressure without overheating issues. It is sized to mate to the radiator dimensions. The duct flange is typically drilled in the field to reduce radiator bolt alignment issues and many times the dealer will add support bar stock to stiffen the combined assembly.

Many times with outdoor sound attenuated enclosures the “Radiator” Load Bank is mounted on the radiator exhaust hood/scoop of the enclosure.

Stationary Load Banks: Whether indoor or outdoor, purely resistive or resistive/reactive, a solution is readily available. Each model can be modified for a particular application, such as adding iron-core reactors, control power transformers, remote mountable controls, digital metering, lockable access doors, and a host of other possibilities. Alternatively, these banks may be trailer mounted for increased flexibility. Available in low and medium voltages, models range from 15 to 4000 kW, with reactive loading possible from 15 to 3000 kVAR.

Portable Load Banks: A complete line of portable load banks, ready for shipment when you need them. With their engineering experience and manufacturing capabilities combined with your application, we can have a custom designed product that will meet your particular needs. Hand carried, on casters or lifting channels, we have a solution for your requirement. AC load banks are available in a wide range of voltages and steps as is required for your particular application. DC load banks are also available. These unit can be offered with Master & Slave configurations to allow them to be strung together for greater output.

LOAD BANK models are available in many configurations...


Enclosed, Radiator Mounted, Scoop or Hood Mounting on enclosures


Caster, Fork- Liftable, Trailer mounted, Containerized, and Suitcase

LOCATIONS: Indoor, Indoor Ductable or Outdoor


AC: Single phase or Three phase. DC

LOAD: Resistive, Reactive, or both


Natural-Cooled or Forced Air


10KW to 4MW (Can gang together units to any size)

Load bank designs are available for a variety of applications, including: Fuel cell, UPS and battery system testing; factory or field testing of engine generator sets and turbines; exercising of back-up power systems; and optimizing loads for prime power situations.

Load Bank General Description:

(All features are quoted upon request, see quotation and submittal for details and clarification).

Load banks will be resistive (or resistive/reactive) per the customer’s specification for use as an electrical load for diesel generators or equivalent. The load bank will be one of several available types: portable, stationary, trailer-mounted or radiator/duct mounted. While standard designs exist, multiple options are possible for the enclosure style, controls and accessories.

Radiator- and Duct-Mounted Load Banks: General Platinum Load Banks offers a wide range of load banks to meet your genset needs.  Power ratings range from 25 to 1000 kW, in 1-phase or 3-phase, with voltages from 208 to 600 volts.

Construction: The load bank enclosure is an open resistor frame of aluminized steel construction, for direct mounting/coupling to the engine mounted radiator. The load bank is designed for installation and operation within the generator set housing or within a building and with adequate unobstructed fresh intake air.  Enclosures are made with aluminized steel to ensure a long life free of corrosion.  The air duct window is made to match the customer’s duct/radiator size.  There is a 2.5” flange all-round for the customer to bolt his ductwork.  Customer power connections are integral to the unit, with easy access to the bus, fuse and contactor compartment.  The load bank resistor opening is designed to be the same field of airflow provided by the engine driven radiator cooling scheme.  All customer interface connections, external control power, operator controls, power connections including main-input load, and instrumentation are made within the enclosed connection box. This box has access point for safe installation of all conduit entry cable which will be shown on the drawing. The load connections are typically made directly to the provided bus bar or a power distribution block.

Resistors & Cooling: The load bank is located directly mounted in-line with the engine mounted radiator cooling fan which will deliver the required airflow volume, unrestricted, in cubic feet per minute (CFM), for cooling the resistor load elements.  The load resistors are made using General Platinum’s HelixPower™ resistors or General Platinum’s XPower™The resistors are designed for continuous duty. Sealed resistors are also an available option though they have added resistance and require many more individual resistors so the cost is considerably higher.

General Platinum’s HelixPower™ porcupine resistors are made with special stainless steel alloy wire that is wound in a helical pattern to maximize heat transfer and minimize mechanical stress. The helix is fully supported along its length with special ceramic insulators and doubly-insulated by use of thick Mica resistor assembly panels.

General Platinum’s XPower™ helicoil wirewound resistors consisting of stainless steel supported along its full length with mica insulators arranged in an X shape. The resistors are doubly insulated from ground.

Customer Interface: Load resolution can be as small as the customer desires.  The load resistors are controlled via long-life contactors and protected with fast-acting branch circuit fuses.  The customer connection points are typically copper bus or power distribution blocks.  Customer can make their conduit connection via a bottom gland plate.

Controls:  The control system consists of illuminated switches and indicating lamps.  Switches are provided for master on/off, automatic load-dump, “shock” loading and individual step switches.  Lamps indicate normal operation or if there is an over temperature occurrence. Control power is via a control transformer that is fused on both sides.

Automatic Load Leveling:  As an option, the customer can purchase the auto-load-leveling feature which allows the load bank, when enabled, to maintain a total load (site + load bank) on the generator to prevent wet-stacking.  The load bank will add and subtract load within a customer-specified range, and with customer-specified time delays, to ensure the smooth, optimal loading of the generator set.

Warranty:  General Platinum Load Banks 2-year warranty is standard.

Enclosures: The load bank will consist of an enclosure with resistor assemblies, control circuitry, and ventilation equipment (where applicable). The enclosure will be of type NEMA 1 (unless otherwise specified), Enclosure finishes and materials are also application specific. Options include louvers (NEMA 3R, NEMA 12), protective screening, lifting handles, lugs and/or channels, and casters. Aluminum is standard on stationary, aluminized steel and stainless steel, or special color can be quoted upon request. Aluminized steel is standard on Radiator Duct/Scoop/Hood Mount load banks. Ventilation will be either horizontal or vertical based on the application and the customer’s specification.

Depending on the application, the load banks are natural convection cooled or forced air-cooled. A host of options are available including high temperature cut-out switches, alarm relaying, RTD’s, and door/panel mounted instrumentation. Radiator/duct mounted applications are sized to meet the customer’s requirement and in a NEMA 3R enclosure. The frame may be lifted with slings, or optionally with lifting lugs if specified. A removable access plate and conduit entries are provided for the customer’s connections.

Protection equipment: Typical protection equipment includes a differential pressure switch to provide an airflow alarm, (optional on radiator mount units). Automatic Load Dump Feature: This is typically coupled to a normally closed (NC) general-purpose relay to open load step contactors in the event of a failure. A temperature-sensing switch operates in the same fashion. Optional equipment includes fusing for the fan, incoming connection and individual load steps. Available accessories are: vinyl transport cover, inlet cover, exhaust cover, controls cover, camlok cover, aux power cover.

Documentation: A general outline drawing and an electrical schematic drawing will be provided to the customer for approval after receipt of a technically clear and official order. These drawings must be returned approved prior to manufacturing. One operation and maintenance manual will be shipped with each load bank or emailed with submittals. (All features are quoted upon request, see quotation plus submittal for details and clarification).

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