Alternators: Synchronous & Induction
Area Protection Panels

Breaker Boxes: for Generator Sets
Bus Bar Disconnect Switches

Control Panels: Analog or Digital

Compressor Controls

Crane Controls: AC or DC

Disconnect Switches: For Batteries, UPS, Gensets

Docking Stations: For Portable Gensets or Load Banks

Dual Voltage Switches

Dynamic Braking Resistors

Engine Controls: Manual & Automatic
Explosion Proof: Controls, Switchgear
Explosion Proof: Engine Starters

Fuse Block & Fuse Holders

Generators: 50, 60, and 400 Hz 

Generator & Engine Control Panels: Analog or Digital

Harmonic Filters

Inverters (DC/AC)

Knife Switches

Load Banks: Custom Designs

Marine Switchgear & Control Panels
Meter, Instrument, & Mimic Panels
Neutral Grounding Resistors & Reactors

Panel Boards & Power Distribution: AC & DC

Paralleling Switchgear Gear

Pendant Stations, Master Switch, & Festoon Systems

PTO Generators
Pump Controls

Quick Connection Tap Boxes: For Gensets & Load Banks

Resistors: Variety of designs & applications

Starters: Engine  AC or DC, Explosion Proof 

Paralleling Switchgear Gear

Storm Switches: For Portable Gensets

Switches: High Current, DB, Disconnect, Knife
Switchgear &Boards, Generator Paralleling Gear
Telecom: Rectifiers, Inverter Systems, Switches

Transfer Switches: Automatic & Manual
Turbine Controls: Steam & Gas

Unit Mount Generator & Pump Control Panels

Welders: Engine driven

Disconnect Switch

Neutral Grounding Resistor

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The manufacturers we represent
enjoy a challenge, and can customize their products to your wildest requirements!


Give us a call and let us see how we can improve your end product, reduce your lead time, and save you money.

Mecc Alte generators are world renowned for their design & high quality......New shorter generator, pancake models are in stock........Custom Controls can provide Breakers in an enclosure quickly with auxilary contactor or CT's at fantastic pricing...........CCI can supply an Area Protection Monitor to locate loss of a phase or under voltage.................. Filnor Harmonic Filters & Neutral Grounding Resistors now available with disconnect switches..............Custom Controls Inc. Switchgear available in Outdoor Power Houses.


Generator Set Controls & Switchgear

Harmonic Filter & Resistor

Utility Paralleling Switchgear

Enclosed Disconnect Switch
Digital Unit Mount Genset Controller Analog Unit Mount Genset Controller
We can supply a variety Dual Voltage Switches and Multi-Voltage Link Boards for your rental Fleet..........Filnor not only manufactures the Resistors, but also the Enclosures and Disconnect Switches for their Neutral Grounding Resistors in-house.

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