Earthsafe Systems Inc. designs and builds from simple to complex diesel fuel polishing systems, controls, and transfer equipment for emergency power.  Their more sophisticated and elaborate systems are used at critical technical facilities such as data centers and hospitals to provide continuous reliable operation.

Established in 1990, Earthsafe has experience with the leading design engineers, architects, and builders of technical facilities throughout the world and can integrate your fuel and/or DEF Urea system with building network controls.

Fuel Pumps & Motors, Remote Diesel Fuel or DEF Urea Fill Stations, Day Tanks, Fuel Polishers, Tank Filling, DEF: Lower Costs with Smart Fuel Modules: Earthsafe Fuel Transfer and Control Products are designed for Extreme Flexibility. The products allow for a vast range of solutions in configuring reliable fuel systems for generators. These are the most popular products used by engineers and fuel specialists.

HDPE Rectangular & Square Tanks: Custom Built tanks to meet your space requirements. Get the needed gallonage and fit within your space constraints.  A perfect package with all the required accessories at a great price!


Fuel Polisher (M3 Series):

Fuel Polishing is an advanced multi-stage form of filtration critical for generators to start and run reliably.  As diesel fuel ages, particulates form which can increase the wear on generator engine parts, block filters, and corrodes tanks. Fuel tanks accumulate water through condensation encouraging bacterial growth. Diesel engine emissions technology requires higher purity fuel to prolong engine life. This is essentially an Automatic Fuel Oil Maintenance System which continuously maintains your fuel source via a scheduled removal of water and particulate from your tank.


We offer both portable and stationary designs for a wide spectrum of industries. Their automatic mechanical processes was created to successfully clean sludge, water, microbial contaminants, and other sediments found in a variety of diesel fuel, biodiesel, hydraulic fluid, and light oils being stored in above or below ground tanks. Most models are designed for direct integration into most standard brand factory supplied generator control and monitoring systems and utilizes Racor replaceable filters.  These are available as indoor packages or mounted within stainless steel outdoor enclosures.


DEF Urea Tanks & Pumping Systems for Generator SCR emission control:

Integrated Systems for Generator Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Urea.  Includes Stainless Insulated Tanks, DEF Tank Fill Systems, DEF Urea Pumps and Filters, DEF Urea Heating and Cooling Systems. DEF requires specialized storage to maintain required quality for generator exhaust treatment.  DEF is a highly pure chemical fluid and must be stored in a specially designed tank to maintained closely to its 32.5% concentration of urea in 67.5% de-ionized water.  Most diesel engines with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) emission systems are specifically programmed for optimal performance at this ratio.  DEF fluid is in used to reduce the NOx pollutants, in exhaust gases. DEF must be protected both from low temperature freezing (12F) and high temperature degradation.  The quality is critical since many diesel generators cannot legally be operated without effective in specification pollution control.


DEF Urea Head Tanks:

They typically mount on the wall or on a stand within the enclosure and refill the standard DEF tank on the generator engine by gravity flow.


DEF Urea Storage Tanks:

The DEF Urea Day Tanks provide safe storage of DEF Urea for generator SCR emission controls. The cubic design saves space in crowded generator rooms or enclosures.  The UM5 is available as single wall, double wall, or double wall insulated in stainless steel, HDPE inner with stainless steel outer shell, or HDPE plastic.  This can be customized for the application with instrumentation, heaters, and pumps. Controls interface with generator systems with High, Low, Leak contacts or optional Modbus / BACnet connectivity. 




Caterpillar DEF Urea Buffer Tank Refill Interface

The UM5BTI Cat DEF Urea Buffer Tank Refill Interface provides automatic refilling for Caterpillar SCR DEF Urea Buffer Tanks from remote bulk storage tanks and pumps.  The unit is installed adjacent to the the buffer tank to provide the required low pressure feed to the buffer tank. Controls interface with generator systems with High, Low, Leak contacts or optional Modbus / BACnet connectivity.



Air-Assisted Compressor Packages for SCR Systems:
Some engine manufacturers require specific models to utilize air-assisted DEF urea injection in their SCR systems.  These are typically on large engines in which the large size of the exhaust duct requires an expanded yet uniform mix of DEF urea and the exhaust gases.  This system adds compressed air to the DEF urea injector to enhance the atomization of the urea fluid and theoretically should reduce the combination of fuel and DEF Urea consumption. Earthsafe is supplying these systems.



Day Tanks and Refill Controls (M5 Series):

Earthsafe has provided thousands of day tanks worldwide, all with their modern and reliable  integrated network ready control panels for today's building systems.  As generator sub-base tanks have replaced day tanks in many applications, Earthsafe has adapted its refill systems to the special challenges of the application.  Day Tanks are available in a full range of sizes 25-2,500 gallons as double wall, 150% or 200% Rupture Basin, standard UL 142 or fire-rated UL 2085 units.  The complete package is quoted with all the accessories you want and require.



Day Tank and Sub-Base Tank Refill Systems (M50 Series):

Integrated Level and Fuel Transfer Control systems. The Earthsafe M50 is Day Tank Refill System for generator fuel.  The system combines fuel transfer pumps and control valves with tank level sensors, analog level transmitters, and leak sensors in a compact design with integrated controller.

  • Make Any Mini-Bulk Tank a Day Tank:  User or Contractor supplied UL142 fuel tanks can be used with a M50 unit to provide a reliable and cost effective day tank system.
  • Retrofit Control to an Old Day Tank:  Older day tank equipment can be improved and integrated by stripping off the old controls and providing a M50 unit.
  • Generator Sub-Base Tank Refill: Widely used generator sub-base tanks can be monitored and automatically refilled with an M50 unit.
  • M51 Auto Inlet Valve Control + Flow Limit Valve

  • M52 Auto Inlet Valve Control + High Stop Valve

  • M53 Auto Inlet Valve Control + Return Flow Pump

  • M54 Duplex Fuel Supply Pumps

  • M55 Fuel Supply Pump + Return Flow Pump

Duplex Pumps and Motors (M2 Series):

Duplex Pumps provide redundancy for critical fuel supply.  Their duplex pumps are based on high performance gear pumps with excellent suction characteristics to assure performance.  Pumps are available from 3 to 300 GPM and in the full range of HP and Voltages.  Pump sets include all valves, gauges, sensors, and accessories in a pre-assembled and tested module.


Hot Engine Coolant or Hot Water Pump & Motor systems for remote heat exchangers or radiators are also available.


Tank Fill Stations & Remote Fill Boxes for Diesel Fuel or DEF Urea (M4 Series):

The ESS M4 series fill stations are known for safety, performance, and good lucks.  The stainless steel cabinets recess into walls for use in and around buildings.  Controls, sensors, and shutoff valves assure safe filling where tanks are remote or cannot be readily observed in buildings.  Pump units are available for 25-600 GPM.  All units serve single or multiple tanks. These easily accessible units are available for Diesel, Aviation, and E-85 fuel in addition to DEF Urea.  A variety of optional features for manual or automatic operation, mounting, lockable door, shutoff ball valve, overfill pump, and spill containment.

Fuel System Controllers, Accessories, and Network Products:

Earthsafe Controllers manage reliable fuel supply to generators in critical applications.  Controllers are network ready for application to critical fuel supply in data centers, hospitals, security, and communication facilities.  They are also used for critical life safety generator applications in multi-story urban buildings.  A full range of Level Senders, Leak Detectors, Vacuum Sensors, and Control Valves are available to offer a complete and integrated system.


Fuel Header Tank System:

Earthsafe manufactures complete packaged Fuel Header Systems for Generators in Buildings or Rooftops with limitations for fuel storage. The header is fed with fuel from bulk storage tank using a duplex pump system. The flow is initiated and continues through the generator run event. Excess fuel overflows from the header back to the storage tank. Where required, an ON‐OFF refill is available with a duplex overflow pump / reservoir where fuel storage is above-ground tanks above the header level.  This is an ASME Code Vessel. 


A fuel header system is designed to provide fuel to multiple generators, where there are severe regulatory restrictions to the volume of fuel that can be stored in the generator room. The header is typically up to 330 gallons and 8 to 24 diameter pipe which runs 10' to 20' long or the length of the room to serve all the generators. The pipe is sized to be less than the regulatory limit for fuel storage quantities in the room.


The generators draw fuel from the header pipe, and return fuel to the header pipe. The fuel supply pumps draw fuel from a bulk tank and pump to the header inlet. The header outlet is a gravity overflow back to the bulk storage tank.


Redundant Master Controllers interface with the facility PMS, (Power Management System), to allow the operators to have comprehensive monitoring of the fuel system.  Fuel fill stations, fuel filtration polishers, and duplex fuel transfer pumps are available.


The M5H model below is a compact packaged design for an individual generator set and can be placed within an enclosure.

Fuel & DEF Consumption Monitor System (GC3):

Multi‐Function Diesel and DEF Monitor for Reliable Generator Start and Run in addition to building network integration:

Diesel Fuel

         Level Gauging and Leak Detection

         Fill Control and Overfill Protection

         Refill from Remote Bulk Fuel Tank

         Filtration Polishing Control

         Temperature Control

         Filter Monitoring

         Quality Monitoring: Particulate / Water

         Consumption Measurement


Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)

         Quality Monitoring: % Concentration

         Level Gauging and Leak Detection

         Temperature Monitoring / Control


Accessories: Sensors, Transmitters, Particulate or Water Analyzers, Flow Switch,  Pumps, Valves, Heaters, Enclosures.


Lube Oil - Waste Oil Make-up Systems & Tanks System (LM6):

A Lubrication Oil Make-Up Systems is designed to extend the onsite oil-change interval period to permit longer run times and allow the technician to check the oil level without shutting down the engine for a visual inspection of the dipstick.

Available in Cubic Steel, Stainless Steel, or HDPE

Accessories: Vent Caps, Direct Read Gauge, Inspect Port, Fill, Suction Pipe and Return Fittings

C1 Tank Monitor Panel with High, Low, Leak Alarm, Output Relays, 4-20mA Analog Transmitter and Leak Sensor

The LM6 Tank is a compact storage tank for oil used in and around generators enclosures. The tank system can be equipped with pumps and controls to provide a complete oil supply system for generators.

Optional Accessories: Dual Wall, Tank Insulation, Tank Heater


Gen Evo Fuel System:

Generator fuel systems are configured in a wide variety of systems to suit safety, compliance, and operational requirements in and around buildings.  Most often they are designed and built, or cobbled together, using independent fuel gauges, pumps, day tanks, and other components that are difficult to commission and operate as an integrated system.  The Franklin Evo has a heritage of integrating fuel tank level gauging, leak detection, and pump control - and an unmatched global network of certified technicians.


The evo controller is well known for tank level gauging, leak detection, fill station high level alarms, secondary containment monitoring, and operating submersible pumps.  The GenEvo controller extends these capabilities to:


Day Tanks:  Evo level probes perform precision gauging of day tank fuel levels, and programmable refill start and stop functions.  Day tank inlet solenoid valves, supply transfer pumps, or overflow return pumps are all integrated into the evo control.


Filter Polishers: Evo controls the timing of filter polisher circulation pumps, and monitors filter status. evoGen elements are available as Filter Polisher units fed by remote submersible pumps, or with on-board positive displacement suction pumps.


Duplex Pumps:  Evo controls its native FE Petro submersible pumps.  It also operates and monitors positive displacement suction pumps where used for more precise low flow control or higher pressure required in high rise buildings.


Tank Fill Stations:  Evo controls remote tank fill stations with high level alarms,  fill pipe valve control, remote tank level % Full indication, and multi-tank fill selection.


Diesel Fuel Consumption Monitor:  Includes the sensors, (inlet flow, outlet flow, inlet flow temperature, outlet flow temperature). CAN bus and MOD bus interface included.


DEF Urea Consumption Monitor:  Includes the sensors, (inlet flow, outlet flow, inlet flow temperature, outlet flow temperature). CAN bus and MOD bus interface included.




Fuel Cube Storage Tanks, Integrated Fuel Storage & Transfer Pump Systems and Enclosures:

Earthsafe Systems offers a variety of stationary and portable cube fuel systems and can integrate with all types of storage tanks, underground or aboveground, carbon steel, stainless steel, or fiberglass.  They also manufacture cubic fuel storage tanks and equipment enclosures for rental generator and pump plus a host of other special applications.

Integrated Modular Fuel Systems (M9 Series):

These systems combine the functions of fuel transfer, filter polishing, tank filling, and control into a single integrated assembly.  The units reduce field labor and costs, speed fast-track projects, and allow for complete factory testing for remote international site.

Tank and Pipe Heating Systems:

Controlled heating systems for fuel tanks and piping may be required in certain environments to assure reliable service.  When the fuel supply is critical in generator service, then the heat tracing monitoring and control should be designed and monitored as with any other part of the fuel system.


Integrating Fuel Systems into Building Networks:

Code, Connect, and Commission

When the hardware is in place, Earthsafe makes it work.  Their engineers have performed programming, networking,  startup, and commissioning at over 1000 technical facilities worldwide.



They perform programming for PLC and HMI systems for all major makes.  Allen Bradley is their core.  However they also have extensive experience with Siemens, Schneider, GE, Idec, Panasonic, and Automation Direct.  And we can built your control panels around any of those standards.



Earthsafe has special expertise with Ethernet networks standard or redundant configurations.  They design the systems and cabling, select the switch hardware and cable components, and program the messaging at network PLC's.  Integration to Building Management Systems (BMS) can be based on BACnet, Modbus, or LON.  They coordinate all monitoring points with the BMS vendor, and then prove all points as a pre-commissioning function.



Earthsafe has experience with startup and commissioning of systems for the worlds most demanding customers.  Their site engineers work with commissioning agents for all pre-commission documentation and planning.  Then they challenge the system working through all failure scenarios and assessing response modes.


Solar Power - Mobile and Modular Uninterrupted Power Supply:

Earthsafe Solar Power Systems are designed for 10 - 100 kW mid-range solar power installations.  These are commercial and industrial systems larger than residential but smaller that utility systems. Tracking Solar Arrays are the primary power source with battery storage for 24 hour power, and a generator backup for shortfalls.

High Reliability is built into our systems to include battery storage for 24 hour power, plus an auxiliary generator to supplement battery charging or directly power loads in emergency.

Designed and Built for Mobility and Adaptive Use:  Earthsafe Solar is designed and built for fast setup and use at specialized site with minimal site preparation or utility requirements.  This makes them ideal systems for:

  • Special Event Support

  • Remote Telecom and Monitoring Facilities

  • Back-Country Base Camp

  • Humanitarian Response

  • Telecom and Communication Systems

  • Security and First Response Support

  • Rapid Response and Remote Infrastructure


Power Distribution-Cabling Module: The Earthsafe ESM40.100 is a power distribution and cable management system within a modular weatherproof enclosure. The system is designed for 100A Photo-Voltaic energy collection with safety disconnects and circuit breakers.  Up to 4 cable reels of 100 feet cable length connect solar arrays to the system. On the load side the unit safely distributes 120 / 208 VAC power for use through up to 4 reels of 100 feet cable connected to hi-safety portable distribution boxes.

Solar Power Management Module The Earthsafe ESM30 Solar Control and Monitoring Module optimizes the solar collection and conversion and monitors energy load use for efficiency and safety.  The SC90 Controller is a PLC based controller with Color Touch-Screen HMI interface and advanced communications.  The unit:

  • Controls and Monitors Solar Array Tracking

  • Optimizes Solar Array String Output

  • Manages and Monitors Storage Battery Functions

  • Manages Grid Connections

  • Manages Auxiliary Power Generator Functions,

  • Communicates Remotely to Cloud Systems


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