Auxiliary Systems, Inc. manufactures Acoustical, Weather Resistant, and Specialty Enclosures plus advanced fuel containment. Complete packaging is available including electrical panel and lighting packages, breakers, load bank testing, fire suppression systems, plus wiring or mounting and installation of customer supplied electrical and mechanical components.

They also produce high quality custom built base frames, fuel tanks, sub-base or belly tanks, drop over enclosures, platforms, catwalks, stairs, ladders. They specialize in custom packages of gensets and pumps. Their full service capabilities not only cuts down on your installation and assembly time, but also give you a fixed cost.

ASI has many years of highly advanced metal cutting, forming, machining, painting, and powder coating.

Their unique ability to offer a extensive line of generator related products from sound attenuated and weather resistant enclosures, UL-142 listed sub-base and stand alone fuel tanks, trailers with integral fuel tanks, and the ability to do complete packaging, including exhaust systems, electrical, plumbing, and load testing all designed to satisfy all your packaging needs.

The advantages of a quality enclosure with a proven construction design:

With an investment of this magnitude it is important to utilize a proven and successfully field tested design which may safely protect your generator set and the related components from inclement weather and theft. With the high quality and tested advanced construction process, more aesthetically pleasing smooth sided thick wall panels, roof, and applicable hood panels are welded together to inhibit water and wind from entering the enclosure. Weatherproof door openings offer easy access and a weather resistant mastic sealant is also used in limited areas as additional protection. A large range of conventional paint color or custom color options are available. Field alterations and additions can be made to the existing structure unlike some other enclosure designs.


Their roof and wall construction requires significantly less regular maintenance and monitoring than many other designs. Their interlocking panels are screwed together and the joints are sealed using and advanced high-performance polymer designed to adhere to painted surfaces and maintain flexibility. This structurally sound technique insures a leak free design adding value, security, and life to your new and existing assets.


Superior quality custom designed and engineered enclosures are available in carbon steel, aluminum, galvanized, or stainless steel for generator sets or switchgear applications. Drop over or integrated with a base tank, floor, or skid designs.

From simple weather or insulated enclosures to highly specified sound attenuated enclosures. They can design and build an enclosure to meet your needs. These enclosures typically house Generator Sets, Pumps, or Electrical Equipment. Enclosures are offered in a vast variety of colors and materials including galvanized steel, stainless steel and aluminum. They will provide you a lower cost product and with shorter lead times.

  • Sound Attenuated, Insulated, and Weather Resistant enclosures.
  • UL 142 listed Sub-Base fuel tanks available with a variety of alarm or pumping options.
  • Complete system integration, electrical packages, gas & fire detection / suppression, and climate control.
  • Exhaust system installation and custom attenuation designs.
  • Full generator set testing is available.
  • Conformance to your specification and any specified Underwriters Laboratories (UL), National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), Building Officials & Code Administration (BOCA), and Uniform Building Code (UBC).


  • Acoustical Enclosures

  • Weather Resistant Enclosures

  • Drop Over Enclosures

  • ISO Container Customizing

  • Trailers: Custom Designed For Your Needs To DOT Regulation

  • Sub-Base Tanks and Belly Tanks (UL 142 listed)

  • Generator, Pump, and Engine Base Frames or Skids

  • Generator Testing prior to shipment with natural gas feeds onsite.

  • Catwalks, Stairs, Platforms, Walkways, and Ladders

  • Structural Hangers, and Headers

  • Turbine Component Fabrication

  • Custom Metal Parts and Fabricated Assemblies

  • Motor Rewind with in-house large VPI tanks

  • Pump Rebuilding

  • Custom Metal Fabrication/Powder Coating

  • Silencers: Water Cooled Marine

  • Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger Repair & Cleaning

  • Plate & Frame Heat Exchanger Repair & Cleaning

  • Food Truck Design, Build, and Customizing

  • Natural Gas Truck Conversions

  • Powder Coating


  • Underwriter Laboratories: UL142 Tanks

  • Welders are AWS Inspection Certified.

  • ASME U Code Section 8 Certified

  • National Board of Boiler & Pressure Vessel Inspectors NB & R stamps

ASI has welders, electricians, and machinists under one company to provide quality assurance. Their facilities house a new water jet cutter, powder-coating, motor rewind shop with two large VPI tanks, pump rebuilding shop, a variety of welding, and a assortment of machining and sophisticated CNC equipment They also have in-house equipment to bend very large pipe.



Enclosure Packaging:

Sound Attenuated Genset Enclosure

Sound Attenuated Walk-in Genset Enclosure

Verizon Gensets for NJ Super Bowl

Having the unique ability to offer a extensive line of generator related products from sound attenuated and weather resistant enclosures, UL-142 or UL-2085 listed sub-base fuel tanks, trailers with integral fuel tanks. Their extensive capabilities extend to complete packaging, including exhaust systems, electrical, plumbing, and load testing all designed to satisfy all your packaging needs. They have many years of experience producing fuel containment and walk-in or skin tight enclosures.

They strive to provide customers with high quality custom engineered and integrated products and services, at very competitive prices, with the quick turn around they require. Their engineering and fabrication of generator/pump package or switchgear enclosures, sub-base tanks, and trailers invokes the latest designs, quality, and durability which has become one of the industries standards. Conveniently located in the Northeastern USA.

ISO Trailer Conversions:

Walkways, Platforms, Catwalks, Ladders, or Stairs are available:


Advanced Design Capabilities and Options Features Available:


They manufacture top quality, heavy gauge, steel, automatic and manual Sub-Base Tanks & Systems. Their tanks and systems are designed for long life, and can supply control and pump assemblies in a housing.

Typical diesel fuel pumps and motors used on Sub-Base Tanks...

  • Generator Base Tank, (Single Wall)

  • Open Top Diked Generator Base Tank, (Double Wall)

  • Closed Top Diked Generator Base Tank, (Double Wall)

  • Secondary Containment Generator Base Tank, (Double Wall)

UL 142 Tanks

Specialty Tank Markets:

Food, Pharmaceutical, Beverage, Fuel,

Cosmetics, Chemical, Marine, etc.

Above Ground Fuel Tanks

Rectangular and Cylindrical

These standard, and exotic or custom-built fuel tanks, as well as weather resistant and acoustical enclosures, packaging, and trailers will meet customers demanding and complex specifications. The heavy construction of their Sub-Base Tanks allow us to offer every tank with lifting eyes or rings capable of lifting the entire assembled generator set. Whether you need a standard tank for an indoor application, outdoor destination, factory housed unit, or a custom designed tank, we can meet your fuel tank needs.

Spill Containment Boxes are available for above ground storage tanks and are designed to contain small spills and drips from the nozzle during the filling process. It has a quick connect fitting for the fill hose from the fuel truck. Overflow is feed back into the tank.

It is supplied with a 2 male pipe thread to attach to the tank. The cover is lockable and secured to the box with a stainless steel piano hinge. Capacity is 5 gallons. An optional return valve assemble is available. A large variety of colors are available to meet your needs.

Typical Color chart for all Sub-base Tanks, Trailers, & Enclosures

Customized Trailers:

Whether for a customer, for sale, or your own rental fleet, they can design and build a trailer to meet your specific needs. Each trailer is designed for the particular generator with mounting points and group of options to be used, ensuring safety and good weight distribution. These are available in the standard generator set manufacturer's colors, black, or even with a customer supplied color chip.

Typical Trailer Accessories:

Torsion or Spring Axle Suspension, 2" or adjustable Couplers, Fenders, Teardrop Fenders, Swivel Jack, Rear Stabilizer Jacks, Drop Leg Jack, Safety Chains, DOT Approved Lighting, License Plate Holder , variety of Tires, variety of Rims, Spare Wheel and Tire, Electric Brakes with Breakaway Switch, Hydraulic Brakes, Steel Decking, Storage Box, Reels, Adjustable Lunette Eye, Single & Double Wall Fuel Tanks, a variety of colors.

We can offer a full line of trailers & trailer mounted enclosures up to 26,000 lb. Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR). Each trailer is designed and manufactured within the strict guidelines of your specification in addition to requested requirements of the Department of Transportation (DOT), and or the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers (NATM).

These impressive trailer mounted enclosure system are designed for your specific job and can offer an integral fuel tank and generator mounting points to ensure the proper weight distribution in your application. This will make your trailer pull smoothly and safely. A full compliment of options are available and they can also provide you with everything you may need in a trailer-mounted unit.

We provide top quality and aesthetically pleasing enclosures for your Generator, Pump, Switchgear, and other equipment................ Well built to provide reliable service and to your project requirements.............These products are used in civilian, commercial, marine, and military operations..........You are provided with detailed mechanical and electrical AutoCad drawings.

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